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Simple Vambrace - Pair

Simple Vambrace - Pair

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The choice between mobility and protection can be a difficult one to make, especially for your forearms. With these vambraces, you don't have to make that choice. Made from a single sheet of .125" high density polyethylene, these vambraces can take a beating. They're not vacuum formed, so they are no less than 1/8" throughout the entire piece; they are protective enough to ward off even the hardest blows. And with each weighing around 180g or 6.5oz, you won't even notice you're wearing them. Because of the force-dispersal properties of HDPE, they can be used with our without padding, although blows can sting (but not injure) without padding. 

They are low profile enough to be worn under clothing, or can be covered in leather or cloth (to hide their modern appearance) and worn on the outside. As with everything I make, they will never dent, rot, soften, or rust, and are maintenance free.

Order a size commensurate to what size men's shirt you'd wear. But please also include the following measurements so I can ensure proper fit: height, weight, elbow circumference, forearm circumference, wrist circumference, and forearm length. See the sizing chart in the images below for more details. If you have questions, feel free to send me a note regarding sizing. 

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See my padding recommendations page for ideas on how to pad this piece.

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