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  • How to Re-form Plastic Armour

    For the times you need to make a change to the shape of your plastic armour, we've got you covered. The linked video below will walk you through the tools and techniques to heat plastic for the purpose of reshaping it.
  • Build Your Own Bazubands

    New product alert! Save some money by assembling your own bazubands.
  • How to Avoid Basket Hilt Bracket Breakage

    Tips to avoid breaking the brackets on your basket hilt
  • New Digital Design Process

    My new design process allows me to produce better armour faster and more consistently. Read more about it in this blog post.
  • New Product Launch - Splinted Flex Vambraces

    I'm happy to announce that Splinted Flex Vambraces are ready to go!
  • New Product Launch; Simple Vambraces!

    I'm launching a new product in September. Simple Vambraces are now available on my online store! As well, in the video below I talk about two new i...
  • A little help for your shield thumb

    I'm please to announce the release of my newest product, the centre grip thumb guard! This little bracket helps guard your shield thumb from hooks and stray shots that sneak past your defence.
  • Shield Boss Stress Test

    Someone was asking me about what kind of testing I do for the products I make. I thought it would be fun to make a video where I put one of my shie...
  • New Product - Simple Shoulders

    I’m happy to announce a new product to our lineup! Introducing the Simple Shoulder. Sold only in pairs, these shoulders are lightweight, protective...
  • 3-2-1... launch!

    Welcome to my little corner of the Web! I hope you find something you like here. More importantly, I hope you like it so much that you buy it :)