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Simple Rerbrace - Pair

Simple Rerbrace - Pair

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A rerbrace is a piece of armour designed to protect your arm above your elbow.

While not required armour for SCA combat, they offer protection for those rare times where you get a shot that sneaks past your guard and catches you on the back of your arm, right above the elbow. If you've ever taken a shot there and felt that awful nerve pain shoot up your arm, you'll know that trauma to the ulnar nerve can end your day. These plates are meant to protect the area of your arm where the ulnar nerve is most exposed, right above the elbow. Made of the same HDPE that our elbow cops are made of, these rerbraces are strong, durable, lightweight protection for the back of your arm.


I prefer to use nylon webbing and a cam buckle to strap these around the arm. The plastic cam buckle is an excellent option, as it's often nice to wear the strap that goes across your bicep a little loose. The cam buckle allows for that, where a traditional metal buckle doesn't work as well. Velcro is another excellent option for strapping, but due to the time it takes me to sew the velcro straps, this option is more expensive. If you're dead set on a metal buckle, I offer that too.

Attachment Options

These can be attached to a pair of elbows with something as simple as a length of para-cord and a household drill, but I prefer to use a length of webbing and copper rivets. If you'd rather I attach them to a set of elbow cops in your order, there will soon be options for that. Until that time, just send me a note. These also make an excellent upgrade to bazubands rerbraces. As they are a little larger than the rerbraces made for bazubands, they offer overlapping coverage and maximum protection while being only slightly heavier. See the upgrade options in the bazuband page for more details.

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