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Heavy Shield Boss

Heavy Shield Boss

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Although we call them heavy, these shield bosses are anything but. Suitable for SCA heavy combat, they are formed from 0.22" or 0.25" high density polyethylene. They are durable, maintenance free, and won't dent or rust. They weigh far less than metal shield bosses, and come in a variety of sizes. If you want something larger than what you see, feel free to contact me and I can probably make up a pattern as large as you need.

Size Diameter of Cavity* Overall Diameter Approx. Weight Made From
4.75" / 12cm 6" / 15.2cm 140g / 5oz. 0.22" sheet
5.25" / 13.3 7.125" / 18.1cm 165g / 5.8oz. 0.22" sheet
5.625" / 15.2 7.875" / 20cm 195g / 6.8oz. 0.25" sheet
XL 6" / 15.2cm 8.125" / 20.6cm 211g/ 7.44oz. 0.25" sheet
XXXL** 7.5" / 19cm 9.5" / 24.1cm 240g / 8.5oz. 0.25" sheet

*i.e. how big the hole in your shield should be
** this boss is huge - a customer wanted an over-size boss, so I custom-built a form for them

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