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Greaves - Pair

Greaves - Pair

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These greaves (shin armour) offer lightweight protection for the lower legs, below the knees. Although not required for SCA armoured combat, they offer protection against those stray shots that can wander down below the knees. They are also very useful for attaching knee cops to in order to hold them in place. They are formed from 0.1875" high density polyethylene (HDPE) and because of the thinning inherent in my vacuum forming process, final width can be closer to .1" in some edge spots. Thus, there is some flex to these greaves, at least at the sides where the plastic thins the most. 

Size and Style

Currently only limited sizing is available, with more sizing options coming soon. If you don't see your size, send me a note and I can put your size in the R&D queue. Because of limitations with my vacuum forming equipment, I can only make pieces to a certain length. I therefore offer two styles of greave; simple and extended. Simple greaves are excellent if you want just a simple bit of protection for your lower leg, and you already have some form of protection right below your knee. Extended style includes an additional 1/8" HDPE plate riveted to the top of the greave, the height of which can change. In this way, I can vary the height of any given size of greave, accommodating for more custom sizing options.


I strap greaves in two spots; just above the widest part, and right at the narrowest part. If you want an alternate strapping configuration, please let me know. 

Coming Soon

Future additions to the line of armour include a rear greave to protect the back of your leg, and various sets of leg armour that incorporate this piece. Stay tuned!

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