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Centre Grip Thumb Guard

Centre Grip Thumb Guard

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This is one of those things that you don't think you need until you absolutely need it. Meant for centre grip shields, this stalwart little guard protects your thumb and fingertips from things like shield hooks and stray shots that get behind your defence. These are especially useful for narrower centre boss shields like ovals and rectangles, but even round shield users suffer from the occasional shield hook gone awry.

If you have ever had your day ended by a crushed thumb or broken finger, you will understand the importance of a guard like this. I've seen a fighter's Crown tournament compromised due to a crushed thumb. Don't let that happen to you.

As with all my products, this piece is made from high density polyethylene. Vacuum formed from .220” textured sheet, it weighs less than 30g (around 1oz) for a combination of strength, protection, and durability that won’t weigh your shield down.

As a side note, I was inspired to make this thumb guard after watching a particularly vigorous shield hook by a fellow named Jorgen. Unfortunately, it resulted in the end of his opponent's day from a crushed thumb, which Jorgen felt terrible about. Jorgen's a good guy; buy a guard so he can fight you with all the shield hooking vigour he can muster :)

Sizing Options

The regular-sized thumb guard is approximately 12cm along its arc, or around 4 3/4". That's more than enough to protect your thumb. If you are looking for even more protection, we offer an oversized version that measures around 18cm along its arc, or about 7". That's still small enough to fit on either side of your shield handle, but offers a little more protection for those who might want it. 

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