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Simple Knee Cop - Pair

Simple Knee Cop - Pair

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My knee cops are designed for fighters who want durable, low profile, long lasting protection without sacrificing weight. Vacuum formed from 3/8” High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), these cops can take a beating, will never dent or rust, and will last for ages. Note that some thickness variation is normal in my process, and some areas may be closer to 1/4" once the plastic is cooled. This is more prevalent in larger sizes, which is why larger sized cost more; they need to be formed from larger sheets.  Irrespective, all parts of the cop fall well within the definition of rigid material for SCA combat.

These cops weigh between 10 and 12 ounces each, or 280-350 grams, depending on size and strapping options.

A Note About Strapping

I offer various strapping systems with this piece:

Elastic and Velcro: This is the most comfortable strapping system I offer. The strap is actually a durable elastic riveted to the cop. To make that joint more stable, polypropylene webbing is sewn to the elastic at the contact points, and the rivet passes though both the elastic and the webbing. The strap passes over the limb, through a plastic ladder buckle and back onto itself.

Webbing and Velcro: This combines the convenience of velcro with the durability and strength of polypropylene webbing. The strap passes over the limb, through a metal loop slide and back onto itself.

Webbing and Buckle: This is the most secure strapping option I offer. I work the pin of the buckle though the weave of the webbing for maximum durability.

Note that no simple strapping option alone will work well to prevent a set of knee cops from sliding down. I offer these strapping options as a means of holding the cop tight against the knee. Experienced fighters will know this, but for those of you new to armoured combat, arming points or some other mounting system should be used to keep kneed cops from sliding.

If you want just a single knee cop for whatever reason, just send me a note.

Padding Recommendations

See my padding recommendations page for ideas on how to pad this piece.

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