Padding Recommendations

I've had quite a few queries about what sort of padding I recommend for use with my gear. The following are some Amazon links to recommendations I have to for padding, adhesives, etc for use with the stuff I sell. I've split them into regional links, so make sure you choose the correct link for your geographical region.

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For elbows and bazubands, I like to use these elbow pads. They give a little bit of a compression fit, and I find that helpful. They seem to stay in place, and provide enough cushion to the elbow.
For knees, I recommend using these knee pads if you prefer thinner knee pads.
If you prefer thicker knee pads, these are what I recommend. 
If you're the type who likes to glue padding onto your armour, this is the adhesive I recommend. Very few adhesives will bond to HDPE, but I find this does the best job.
For leg padding, I like to use padded shorts, similar to these.


Full disclosure: I'll earn a small commission from any of the links you use above.