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Shield Basket

Shield Basket

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Made to protect your hand on a strapped shield, these shield baskets are vacuum formed from 1/4" HDPE plastic. 

They measure 5” tall, with a cavity of 7.25” in diameter and an overall diameter of 9.375”. The lip around the outer edge is approximately an inch wide.

The nice thing about these is that if your shield handle is too wide, you can easily cut out a couple of scoops on the sides for your handle to pass through, with plenty of structure left to protect your hand.

As well, if you have a curved heater, it wouldn’t be too hard to heat up the bowl with a heat gun so that the basket would conform to the curve.

As with everything I vacuum form, they are made of high density polyethylene. In this case, from 1/4” hdpe. It weighs in around 240 grams, or 8.5 oz.

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