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Three Quarter Cord-Articulated Leg Harness - Pair

Three Quarter Cord-Articulated Leg Harness - Pair

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This is a custom item. This means the "in stock" number is a measure of our capacity to produce this item, not how many of these items we have on the shelf. This item is subject to lead time as we make and customize it to your specifications. If it shows "out of stock" that means we have too many items in our queue, and therefore do not have capacity to make more at this time.

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Light and protective, this set of leg armour is comprised of a cuisse (thigh), two lames, a knee cop, and a demi-greave (half-shin). The cop is our standard simple knee cop and is vacuum-formed from 3/8" HDPE. The rest is made from heat-formed 1/8" HDPE. All together a set weighs approximately 2kg plus or minus 0.2kg depending on size and strapping (4.4lbs +/- 0.5lbs).

The articulation is achieved through paracord lacing, an articulation style that is flexible, durable, and is easy to repair on the side of the battlefield, should the need arise. A set of cords should last for years with regular average use.

The most common strapping set-up is to choose webbing and buckle for most of the strapping options. This also has the highest chances of fitting the widest range of sizes. Other options are available, and if you have any questions, please send me a note. One thing to note specifically is that the greave strap should sit loose around the calf. Wearing that strap tighter could increase the chances of the leg riding up uncomfortably on your shin.


Because of the custom nature of this product, we do not keep these items in stock. They are custom built to your specifications, and thus conform to the “out of stock” lead time listed at the top of this page. Orders that include custom and non-custom items will ship once all items are complete.

These legs are custom-built to the individual. So please include all measurements. From the diagram, I need measurements 1,2,3,4 & 5, along with your height and weight.

Cut Options

I cut the cuisses differently depending on the preference of the fighter. The standard cut is for those who belt their legs at their hips (typically men, but not always). For those who belt their legs at their waist (typically women, but not always) I cut the crotch steeper. This allows the cuisse to rise and cover more of the hip. Over the years I've noticed that my "standard" cut legs left large gaps at the hips on the waist-belted fighters who have worn them. This alternate cut addresses that issue.

Which cut should you order?

- If you belt your legs at the hips, order the standard cut.

- If you belt your legs at the waist, but do not feel you need any extra coverage in your hips (or you wear some sort of tasset or hip armour) then order the standard cut.

- If you belt your legs at the waist and feel that a bit of extra hip protection is a good idea, order the steep cut. 

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