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Full Bazubands with Rerbrace

Full Bazubands with Rerbrace

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This is a custom item. Its availability is subject to my out-of-stock lead time advertised at the top of every page of this site.


Bazubands are a combination of elbow and forearm armour and are a very popular option for SCA combat. Vacuum formed from HDPE, they allow for maximum protection without adding bulk. They can easily slip under sleeves for that "no armour" look, yet give you all the arm protection a fully armoured kit provides. Smaller sizes are vacuum formed from 0.22" sheets, while larger sizes are made from 0.25" sizes to accommodate how larger pieces thin out more when formed. These are sold by the pair.


Because of the custom nature of this product, we do not keep these items in stock. They are custom built to your specifications, and thus conform to the “out of stock” lead time listed at the top of this page. Orders that include custom and non-custom items will ship once all items are complete.


This style of bazuband is non-traditional in that it does not travel far past the elbow, as historic bazubands do. Thus, some form of protection is required for the back to add protection in case they shift during combat. These  bazubands come with a rerbrace meant to cover the back of the arm, just above the elbow. This piece floats on a strap off the back of the bazuband and when the arm strap is adjusted correctly, does not impede movement at all.

You also have the option of upgrading the rerbrace to a larger size. This upgraded rerbrace is taller and wider than the standard rerbrace. It overlaps the wings on the bazuband for maximum protection. A small increase in bulk and weight is the tradeoff for the added protection when comparing standard and upgraded rerbraces.  


This piece includes a 1/8" HDPE plate to cover the inside of the forearm. It's hinged with webbing, and closed with a buckle or velcro, depending on your selection of strapping.

The elbow strap is meant to come across the forearm, just in front of the elbow. If velcro is selected, the strap will be 1" wide, as a wider strap is more comfortable. If webbing and buckle is selected, the strap will be 5/8". Any bigger and the buckle is too bulky, any narrower and the strap is uncomfortable.

For the rerbrace strap, buckled rerbraces are strapped with a 3/4" cam buckle. I find that the rerbrace strap works best when it can be adjusted so it's just loose enough to float. The cam buckle allows for this. If you have strong feelings against the cam buckle, contact me and we can work out other options. Velcro-strapped bazubands will come with a velcro arm enclosure.  


    I can make these in a variety of sizes. Because of the variation in arm length vs width, I do not offer a sizing chart. I list a traditional size for reference only; select a size commensurate to the size of men's long sleeved shirt you would wear. But please include the custom measurements to ensure proper fit, as this is what I pay more attention to. 

    There has been some confusion as to how to measure your forearm, so I've included an image in the product images to help explain the measurement I'm looking for.

    Padding Recommendations

    See my padding recommendations page for ideas on how to pad this piece.


    If you have a configuration that you'd like, but don't see it listed in the options, send me a note.

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