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Bazuband Kit - Pair

Bazuband Kit - Pair

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Bazubands are a combination of elbow and forearm armour and are a very popular option for SCA combat. Vacuum formed from .220" or .250" HDPE, they allow for maximum protection without adding bulk. They can easily slip under sleeves for that "no armour" look, yet give you all the arm protection a fully armoured kit provides. Each kit comes with pieces to armour both arms (i.e. sold by the pair). 


This style of bazuband is non-traditional in that it does not travel far past the elbow, as historic bazubands do. Thus, some form of protection is required for the back to add protection in case they shift during combat. These  bazubands come with a rerbrace meant to cover the back of the arm, just above the elbow. This piece is meant to float on a strap off the back of the bazuband and when the arm strap is adjusted correctly, does not impede movement at all.

As an upgrade option, you can add a larger rerbrace. Upgraded rerbraces overlap the back of the bazuband for maximum coverage and greater protection. They are also a little taller, protecting more of the rear upper arm. 

Some Assembly Required

This product comes disassembled, which will save you a bit of money and allow you to cover all pieces with leather or fabric. Options include the following:

- Strapping: You have the option to customize strapping across the elbow (closer to the forearm, actually), strapping for the forearm piece, and strapping for the rerbrace. I find that the bazuband does require some form of elbow strapping, and that the forearm cover alone is not sufficient to hold it in place.

  • webbing and buckle is most secure, and most economical
  • webbing and velcro is more low profile and more convenient, but is pricier due to manufacture time of the straps
  • elastic and velcro has all the benefits of webbing and velcro, but is more flexible and more time-consuming to produce

- Rerbrace Options: As outlined above, you have the option of upgrading the rerbrace. I do not offer a rerbraceless option.

- Hinges: I use webbing hinges. If you prefer something else (i.e. if you're covering in leather and you prefer to use something more authentic) you have a hingeless option.

- Forearm piece: If you want just the bazuband without the plate that covers the inside of the arm, you have that option.

Assembly video here:

    Padding Recommendations

    See my padding recommendations page for ideas on how to pad this piece.


    If you have a configuration that you'd like, but don't see it listed in the options,

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