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Splinted Vambrace - Pair

Splinted Vambrace - Pair

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These vambraces combine the flexibility of splinted vambraces with the convenience and endurance of high density polyethylene armour. Made from 1/8" HDPE, they are comprised of three sections which are attached via one of two options:

  1. heavy duty elastic, with the arming points reinforced with webbing for added strength and durability.
  2. non-elastic webbing

The result is an extremely comfortable, lightweight, low-profile vambrace that does not compromise on protection. Rather than make all three sections equal in size, I make the most frequently targeted area of the vambrace the largest (and therefore the strongest). The middle-sized section is the location of a few stray shots, and the smallest section, while still protective, will see little to no contact as it sits on the inside of the forearm.

Pair these with some of our low profile elbows cops under your sleeves and nobody will even know you're wearing arm armour. And at around 185g (6.5 oz) each, you just might forget you're wearing them yourself.

Advantages of the elastic connection system:

  • once you have the buckle set for how tight you like them, they're easy to slip on/off quickly
  • rigid plates fit tight to your forearm, reducing bulk
  • rigid plates flex and move with your arm
  • very flexible fitting (i.e. they'll fit very well with or without padding)

Advantages of the non-elastic webbing option:

  • more durable than elastic option (elastic can wear out over time)
  • ridged plates fit tight to your forearm, reducing bulk. 
  • ridged plates flex and move with your arm, more than simple vambraces, although not as much as with the elastic option
  • more flexible fitting than simple vambrace, not as much as with the elastic option

If you don't see configuration options that suit you let me know. Perhaps you want only a single right vambrace. Or maybe you really want leather straps. Anything's possible, so contact me for your custom configurations needs or questions. 

Padding Recommendations

See my padding recommendations page for ideas on how to pad this piece.

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