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Simple Shoulders - Pair

Simple Shoulders - Pair

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Have you ever been hit in just the right spot in the shoulder and had to forfeit the day because of it? Not that it was too painful to continue, but because you just couldn’t move your arm well enough anymore? It can happen to the best of us, and what’s worse is that it’s easily preventable with just a bit of hidden, lightweight armour.

Imagine shoulder armour that is low-profile, hidden, and protective. Now imagine it for a great price. Made from .22" high density polyethylene, these spaulders are exactly the thing for someone looking to avoid a day-ending injury. After the vacuum forming process, they measure between .22” and .18”, but remain protective enough to ward off even the hardest blows. And at around 100g or 3.5oz, they won't weigh you down.

They are low profile enough to be worn under clothing, or can be covered in leather or cloth (to hide their modern appearance) and worn on the outside of a gambeson. As with everything I make, they will never dent, rot, soften, or rust, and are maintenance free.

Order a size commensurate to what size men's shirt you'd wear. But please also include your height and weight so I can ensure proper fit. If you have especially large or small shoulders, feel free to send me a note regarding sizing. 

This item is sold only in pairs.

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