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Deluxe Poleyn Greaves

Deluxe Poleyn Greaves

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This is a custom item. This means the "in stock" number is a measure of our capacity to produce this item, not how many of these items we have on the shelf. This item is subject to lead time as we make and customize it to your specifications. If it shows "out of stock" that means we have too many items in our queue, and therefore do not have capacity to make more at this time.

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For the fighter who wants to maximize knee and shin protection without sacrificing mobility. This leg armour feels so light you just might forget you're wearing it. It feels light because the weight is attached to your lower legs, so nothing is hanging off your hips. 

Comprised of a demi cuisse (partial thigh plate), a knee cop, a lame (articulation plate), and a greave (shin armour), this leg armour is ideal for a fighter who wants ultimate freedom of movement. The demi cuisse is meant to bridge the gap between your thigh armour and the knee armour, and is made of 1/8" HDPE, along with the lame. The knee cops are formed from 3/8" HDPE, and the greave is formed from 0.187" HDPE.


Because of the custom nature of this product, we do not keep these items in stock. They are custom built to your specifications, and thus conform to the “out of stock” lead time listed at the top of this page. Orders that include custom and non-custom items will ship once all items are complete.

Due to the limited availability of greave sizes, it may not be possible to fit all fighter sizes. If I'm unable to fit you, I'll refund your money. Contact me if you're not sure. 

Each leg weighs approximately 800 grams, or 1.75lbs.

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