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Classic Basket Hilt

Classic Basket Hilt

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For those looking for a little more protection at the top of the wrist, this model of basket hilt is a little deeper than my Signature Basket Hilt. It enjoys a more classic look, and is created using my digital design process.

Some key differences between the Classic Basket Hilt and the Signature Basket Hilt are that the Classic is:

  • Deeper
  • Top bracket mounting options
  • Steeper cut
  • More protection over the top of the wrist

Can a basket hilt help you get knighted/win crown/vanquish all rivals? In a word, yes! If you combine one of our Classic Basket Hilts with enough practice, hard work, and dedication, you are almost certain to achieve all your combat-related goals. Can you do the same, just without the basket hilt? Who can say? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Made from 3/8" high density polyethylene for durability
  • Stainless steel brackets for strength and rust-resistance
  • Available in different sizes for fighters of all shapes
  • Lighter than steel

Designed specifically for SCA rattan combat, these cup hilts hilts are strong, lightweight, and durable.

I vacuum form these using 3/8” high density polyethylene. After they are formed, they are closer to 5/16" thick in parts. They weigh between 13oz and up to 16oz depending on the size. 

The default configuration for my basket hilts is to drill a 1 5/8” hole centred 2.5" from the edge, to drill a half hole centred along the bottom, and to rivet a couple of stainless steel brackets on. This leaves the most room on each side, as well as giving a little extra space at the front. If you'd like to customize your hilt in any other way (i.e. offset holes, closer to the front, etc) please contact me.

I make four sizes of this style, small, medium, large, and XL. Order the size of basket hilt commensurate to your glove size. If you're unsure, go with large, as that’s the most similar size to other plastic baskets hilts that are out there. The large is plenty big enough for me, and I wear size XL gloves. I can use the medium, but it's not as roomy as I like. I can also use the small if I offset the hole to give my knuckles a little more room. The XL feels downright roomy. If you want more pictures or measurements, just ask. This is a digitally designed product, so if you'd like a custom size let me know and we can work something out.


I offer various bracket options for this item. The top rear facing style is pictured. Top front facing just means the top bracket faces the front, similar to the Signature Basket Hilt. No bracket is for those who'd prefer to find their own way to attach these to a sword. They have a hole in the top, and a cutout at the bottom, but no brackets at all.

Recently, I've had reports of a few of the stainless brackets breaking. In most cases, the culprit was attaching the basket hilt via screws to the stick. Do not do that. You can learn more about how to avoid breakages here:

Mounting Advice

Since the top bracket is mounted on the back of these baskets, there can be a gap between the front of the stick, and the hilt. This gap allows some play between the hilt and the stick. Over time, this play can cause the attachment medium (tape, wire, etc) to wear. My advice is to fill the gap such that there is minimal play. You can do this by building up your stick to nearly the same size as the hole with tape or leather. Alternatively, you could add a strip of leather between the bracket and the stick. Anything to press the stick right to the front of the hole.

Spare Brackets

While I sell brackets attached to these hilts, I also sell extra brackets in case you decide you want to stock up. The bracket is the only thing I have ever seen break on these hilts (and even that's fairly rare).

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