New Product Launch - Splinted Flex Vambraces

New Product Launch - Splinted Flex Vambraces

If you caught the video I posted earlier this year, I talked about a new style of vambrace I'd come up with. After testing, and a lot of R&D, I'm happy to announce that Splinted Flex Vambraces are ready to go!

I'm pretty excited about this one! I've never seen anything like them in my 30 years of SCA fighting. What sets them apart is the elastic fastening system they're put together with. Because the splints are put together with reinforced elastic, they flex and move with the wearer, while staying tightly fitted to the forearm. I really think they're the best vambraces I've ever made.

vambrace demo  One interesting feature of this armour is that once you set the strap to where you like it, it's very quick and easy to just slip them on/off.

Check them out here:

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