Knee Cop Size Guide


A: cop height across face (outside)
B: wing height just before it curves inward
C: wing to wing across cop face (outside)
D: wing to wing across back (inside)
E: cop depth (inside)
X: approximate knee cumference of fighter (without padding) that this cop is appropriate for. Note that this is only an estimate. Use your own judgement, based on how much padding you wear, and what your coverage needs are

S 11" - 13"
M 13.3cm/5.2" 6cm/2.3" 32.3cm/12.7" 15.6cm/6.1 11cm/4.3" 13" - 15"
L 14cm/5.5" 6.5cm/2.5" 34cm/13.3" 17cm/6.7" 12cm/4.7" 15" - 17"
XL 14.8cm/5.8" 7cm/2.8" 36cm/14.2" 17.7cm/7" 12.5cm/5" 17" - 19"
2X 16cm/6.3" 7.5cm/3" 38cm/15" 19.3cm/7.6" 13.3cm/5.24" 19" - 21"
3X 17cm/6.7 8.5cm/3.3" 41cm/16.1" 21cm/8.3" 14cm/5.5" 21" - 23"
5X 19cm/7.5" 9cm/3.5" 44cm/17.3" 23cm/9" 15.2cm/6" 23" - 25"